After egg collection and successful fertilisation of your eggs you may have more than one embryo available. Those eggs that have been successfully fertilised (now called embryos) will be grown in the laboratory incubator for 2 to 5 days. Your embryologist will monitor their development and the best embryo will then be chosen for transfer.Embryos vary in quality and the better the quality, the more likely an embryo is to implant in the womb and lead to a pregnancy.

Using embryoscope embryologists are able to monitor your embryos through the full course of their development without removing them from the safe environment of the incubator.

The specially designed EmbryoScope incubator with a built in camera and microscope takes an image of your embryos every 10 minutes which helps in determining the correct timing of divison embryos and the embryologists chooses the best embryo for transfer so that you can get maximum success in that cycle.