This unique technology combines a state-of-the-art incubation environment with a high-quality microscope camera system and allows for a comprehensive observation of embryo development. Observing the features of embryo development is critical in being able to select the “best embryo(s)” which are most likely to result in a healthy pregnancy. In addition to the clinical usage of the time-lapse movie, each patient's movie collection is presented back to them as a special keep-sake.

Process of procedure

After the egg retrieval procedure, the eggs and sperm (from the partner or donor) are mixed together in the IVF lab so that fertilization may occur. The embryos that are created need to be placed need to be placed in the protected environment of an incubator. The Embryoscope is a special type of Time-lapse incubator which supplies the ideal environmental conditions for embryos to grow outside the body. With the Embryoscope, the embryos stay in the incubator throughout the 5-7 day incubation periodw.

The Embryoscope takes pictures of the embryo every ~10 minutes. These images are then strung together into a small-time lapse movie. This allows an embryologist to monitor the cell divisions and advancement of each embryo constantly while the embryo is still safe in the incubator. 

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